Thursday, October 17 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I’ve just added a load of prototypes to the Garage which include Felicity, Journey Alternate, Kanata and Serenity in Cocoa. Also a Ruby Freckles - only one of each available. Serenity has only 3 available.

Many exciting stuff coming up so these girls didn’t get the priority that they needed.

The next cocoa girl will probably be Genesis Cocoa and Resolute Cocoa.

Regarding the other girls you are waiting for - I understand some folks think that we can bubble bath burp new products but we will leave that sort of production method to the other manufacturers. Folks who are unhappy with our pace of product releases are strongly encouraged to support other manufacturers instead where they will find the happiness they require.

As for folks who ask why we don’t concentrate on one thing at a time - if you try to do that with a business then you will be bankrupt overnight. A business needs to run multiple projects at the same time. We cant just sit around and wait for a mask to come back for example. Lord I feel silly explaining like this but the type of people we come across on the internets is pretty amazing.

Anyway, I would also like to thank folks who continue to support us by understanding that we would rather place emphasis on creating quality products rather than half baked products to make a quick buck or two.

On another note - we have just completed a prototype of a new Smart Doll guy from an another that absolutely everybody on this planet knows and I cant wait to show him to you after the license holder does their checks.

Anyway, I’m off to storm Area 51 by running with my chest forward and my arms pointed backwards.

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