Thursday, October 10 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

In the middle of preparing for the typhoon that is due to hit Tokyo this weekend. There is not much else we can do apart from cover the stock with sheets. The carpet is gone and all the cardboard are now on pallets. Will be sealing the windows tomorrow.

The second photo shows the scale of the incoming typhoon on the right - as you can see its several times bigger than the one that hit and destroyed our stock room on Sep 9th.

If you are in Tokyo this weekend, you need to know that JR are shutting down all train lines on the 12th and 13th. This usually means that the morning of the 14th is chaos so if you need to get to the airport then you should set out early.

At this moment in time we do not plan to open on Sunday.
Here is hoping that we will make it through this and see you on the other side :-) こんな感じなので今週オープンする予定のミライストアはお休みです。
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