Thursday, October 3 2019

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We call her Resolute. She stands for one of our core values of remaining determined and focused no matter what the situation even when seven shades of poo are hitting the fan simultaneously - with some undigested corn thrown in for good measure.

Nature is all about harnessing energy and various forms of life do this in different ways. Everything in nature is energy. People telling you “it can’t be done” or “I don’t want to do it” is a great energy source for you to show them not only that it CAN be done but also that YOU will do it instead.

After many attempts to tweak these masks, the folks who make our paint masks told us straight - “We just can’t do this anymore - this is good enough.” But without the tweaks that we wanted, I was unwilling to release the product. We decided to learn how to make our own masks and after 3 weeks we did - Resolute is the result. I will share the know-how with you in the future.

Back in 2010, I wanted to make my own fashion doll and asked many of my peers in the figure and doll industry - everybody told me either “it can’t be done” or “we don’t want to do it” so I thanked them all for the motivation and set about to make my own - Smart Doll is the result.

Remember - people telling you “no” is a good thing - but only if you harness that negative energy and turn it into your positive energy to prove them wrong.

彼女の名は「リゾルト」 (RESOLUTE)。意味は「不屈の意志を持った人」。「できない」、「やりたくない」、「めんどくさい」と言われた人に感謝し、その一言を原動力に変え、「できる」、「自分でやってみせる」意思を持つのは弊社のモットー。


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