Monday, September 16 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

There is an urban myth that says you will be free once you quit your full time job and start your own business to work for yourself - working whenever you want - for how long you want.

Those who have already jumped the corporate ship to start their own business will already know that this myth is a lie :-) While we make sure that our staff get to knock off work at just past 6pm - wifey and continue to work through the evening at home. If we are lucky we fit in some Stranger Things on Netflix or a round of Astral Chain.
Running your own business means a choice between family, health or growing the business. While we delegate as much as we can (we would not still be in business if we didn't) - there is still a bunch of stuff that folks can't do - or are unwilling to do.
Of late, wifey and I had been focusing on work waaaay too much (this time last week was the flooding in the new office) so this weekend we managed to drop everything and spend some time in Nagano. The traditional hotel we stayed in was Kyosen (峡泉) and was the nicest ryokan we've stayed in so far! They have only 8 rooms in total and the experience was fabulous. Each room has its own hot spring attached which was nice too.
How many of you stayed in a traditional ryokan before? #japan #nagano #travel #roadtrip #ryokan #smartdoll

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