Monday, September 9 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The huge typhoon Faxai passed through Tokyo last night uplifting things that shouldn’t be uplifted as you can see from the photos. The typhoon brought so much rain that it flooded our new office destroying bazillions of yen worth of inventory. Apparently it was the worst typhoon to hit Tokyo in the past 10 years.
I’m lucky to be blessed with an amazing team who got together to salvage what we could. It was like a race against the clock as we didn’t know when the roof was going to give way.

Luckily we keep stock scattered in different locations in an event of a disaster - like the one that happened today. Tokyo is extremely sensitive to mother nature - all overground trains stopped service this morning.

We are all alive and kicking and our distributed inventory management means that we are able to continue shipping with only a few days delay. In the mean time I need to focus on dealing with damage to the new office but managed to do in my hernia in from the heavy lifting so I may be out of action for a few days.
昨日の台風で新しい事務所が浸水し、被害は大きかった。幸いことで、もしもの時に備えてインベントリーは複数箇所で保管しています。出荷は数日遅れで再開できそう。ミライストアは無事でしたが、スタッフは全て避難作業に。ヘルニアで腰やられましたが。#notweet #smartdoll

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