Saturday, August 24 2019

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For the past 5 years, we have always made efforts to test fabrics for staining that we use for Smart Doll apparel. If there is a risk of staining, we advice potential buyers about the risks.
We also have chosen a formula for our vinyl that makes it less susceptible (but not invincible) to staining when compared to other vinyl products on the market.

In many cases we had to drop development for some apparel items that relied on particular fabrics that had caused staining. But this has been limiting our ability to create decent looking weathered tops like this Henley Camisole which looks (if I may say so myself) just rather spiffing.

To create this Henley Camisole, we need to use a method called Pigment Dyeing. After dyeing, we wash the garment (we also add a softer) to get rid of as much pigment as possible and then add some color fixing agent - but it still stains. Have a look at the attached photos - you can see the extent of the staining after 8 weeks of wearing. In our case Mr Color thinner removed pretty much all of the pigment however but I cant guarantee the same for you.

I like the look and feel of this garment so much that my girls have been wearing it for a while but rather than cancel this project (like we would have done before), I decided to release this product with a warning - while we have stain prevention leggings and shorts, we don’t have stain prevention tops which means you will have to use other stain preventive measures like using it with a Cortex Body, a spare body/bust that you don’t mind getting stains on, or not leaving it on for prolonged periods. “How long is prolonged periods?” is difficult to answer because I had the Henley Camisole on a milk body for a few weeks with no trace of staining but found staining on a doll that I took out n about - handling the doll putting pressure on the garment seems to have caused the staining.

Continue reading the blurb in the attached images. The Henley Camisole release will be Tomorrow night JST together with some other goodies.

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