Friday, August 2 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Folks have been bugging me to release “fantasy” type skin tones but managing 4 skin tones is already a challenge. Cinnamon will be launched as a regular tone with all the option parts at launch.

If you wanted a new skin tone (like the previous purple one which I called cocoa for some reason) then I can do batches with your understanding that the runs will be limited and that I cant do all option parts. It’s either this or nothing I’m afraid. Oh and body will be cortex while option pets would be vinyl.
So here is the question - what color do you want and if you could choose two bust and option hand types which ones will it be? I can do elf ears too. Folks also asked that I make the joints the same color as the skin but not sure what they are on about. While the match won’t be 100% the same, the color of the joints and skin will be pretty similar. Its like our Milk skin tone does not 100% match our frame color.

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