Thursday, August 1 2019

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After Cocoa Cortex we will release Crystal Cortex. Crystal Cortex is has a crystal matte finish but if you give it a lick of clear top coat then it will turn clear like you see in these photos. You can mix n match parts - for example you can have the back of the shoulders clear while the front is one of the other skin tones.
Crystal Cortex was a small limited run (less than 90) and was developed so we could see what on earth was going on during the development cycle - why parts didn’t fit together, what was causing parts to split open etc.

The clear Cortex was waaaaaay too costly and this will reflect in the price but our margin for the shell is like a bubble bath burp.

The Crystal Cortex Shell will be sold in a pack with the head. Folks who want to customize their current Cortex can do so with just the shell but if you want the frame too then you can buy that separately in milk, tea or cocoa.

Anyway I need to clarify something which is already stated in the long Cortex post on the Smart Doll site. Cortex is not invincible to staining. Depending on the fabric and how long it’s left on - there is still a risk of staining. From our tests, fabrics that have stained can usually be removed with thinner even after a few hours - then again it really depends on the type of fabric.

Question to folks who are resin doll owners, is resin immune against staining or? What happens when you get stains on the resin? sand paper and thinner?
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