Wednesday, July 31 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Hey folks,
Mirai Cortex is online now and shipping starts tomorrow (Thursday in Japan).
Please please read the specs on the product detail page before buying - its not designed everybody. I strongly recommend against buying unless you are a boss and loves taking risks in life.
The risk here is that there are no warranty for kits as folks are inherently exposed to post processing which if not done correctly could break parts. Parts are not sold as pieces and are sold as packs, They are expensive and are priced as such to deter folks from buying a Cortex Kit.

Pre-assembled Smart Dolls however come with a 1 year warranty - 50 weeks more than what most other doll manufacturers give you.

You need to proceed slowly, apply as much grease as needed and don’t glue first time.

And if you have completed a boss kit successfully - well done! I got bragging rights goodies just for you bosses soon.

By the way - I have already hired a couple of people here in Tokyo to join our team who completed the boss kits like a baws - there were in the right place at the right time - one of whom I bumped into on his way out of the store by chance as I was coming downstairs.

The kits have been a great way for me to recruit for dollmination. Mufufufufu.

Disclaimer - buying and completing a kit does not guarantee you a job with us.

Do post photos of your WIP and completed kits on the product detail page - you can also post videos too.

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