Monday, July 29 2019

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Introducing Knee Pads for Smart Doll - but why I hear you ask?
I hated the grime/dust that gets stuck to the knees when I had my girls kneel on a table - have a look at the 3rd photo to see what I mean - not only do they get dirty but flat too. This can usually be removed with some thinner (shown in the first photo next to melody) and if necessary a hairdryer to make the vinyl pop back into its original shape.

I saw some folks who had the same issue use a napkin but I wanted my girls kneeling direct on the table and not on a piece of cloth. So I came up with these soft vinyl knee pads which will be in Cocoa, Tea, Cinnamon and Milk skin tones. They were made to fit the vinyl shin molds so they have a better fit than Cortex. They are not designed to attach to the knee and they function purely to meet my selfish need of protecting the knees as discreet as possible for when my girls are wearing shorts or the lovely new black zip sports bra.

Oh if you find a way to attach them to the side of the head then you can get a Chii-like look. Maybe a clip inside?

If you think you need them too then they will be available in late August as Japan will have something called the Obon holidays - this is where Japanese folks honor ancestors and usually go back to their home town to wash gravestones. Obon is usually a week starting Aug 12 - 18th.

By the way does Cinnamon Melody not look gorgeous? Last photo is comparison with milk.
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