Monday, July 29 2019

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Absolutely love stalking your photos and videos of your Cortex building experience. Remember that you can post your Instagram, Facebook and Youtube videos easily to the Cortex product detail pages.
While I don’t guarantee jobs on completion of a Cortex kit, I will be contacting ones which I find of particular interest for employment in Tokyo or being designated as a Cortex Sensei in their region. I have already hired somebody recently who built a Cortex kit like a boss. Currently only hiring folks who already live in #tokyo.
Cortex Sensei is something I will elaborate on in a different post.
You can see videos of Gaia kit building like this one by @underorange on the product detail page. #smartdoll #anime #manga #bjd #diy #modelkit #fashiondoll #3dprinting

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