Saturday, July 27 2019

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Sharing is caring - the free school girl uniform pattern is ready - just go to the “free stuff” link under “popular stuff” on the main menu of the Smart Doll site.⁣
⁣You are free to use and modify our patterns for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - what you make is yours as long as you use the patterns to make Smart Doll apparel. Once you have made something, take a photo of it and post it to the page where you downloaded the pattern by clicking the “Add your photo” link near the bottom of the page.⁣
⁣Also, the cardigan you see in these photos has a free pattern too.⁣
⁣Some interesting notes:- 1. I’ve been told these free patterns are too expensive because folks “still need to fork out for the material.” 2. Some folks are selling our free patterns on ebay etc (the exact same PDF’s that we distribute) - let your comrades know so they can get the patterns for free instead of paying for them.⁣
3. Some folks say that giving out free patterns is a bad idea and will put folks who sell patterns out of business.

Just a day in the life of running a business yo.⁣
⁣Anyway - many of you asked for the school girl uniform which is why you got it. What do you want next?⁣
⁣Actually I want to give you the 3D data for the shoe last and pattern for the upper so you can make your own shoes - is that something of interest?⁣
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