Monday, April 6 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Well how about that - an Elven Trident Centaur. Such a great combo! Would be a great shame not to make this into a product. Despite the multiple requests from folks that I should bin the Centaur and focus instead on what they want, I’m going to make the Centaur into a product so that you can recreate this scene at home ;-) Everything was a super rush job which went through multiple prototypes. But I want to tweak the Centaur body a bit more - needs slightly longer legs for a start. We cant make our Centaurs as huge as the ones in Harry Potter so we will come up with a Smart Doll Land ratio. I heard that many don’t like it but that’s awesome because that would just mean we would be able to supply the folks who do want it ;-) As with all things in Smart Doll Land - development will take time.
We need a new frame inside which involves injection moulding and new slush casts for vinyl. The Tridents will be released first because the head mold is nearly ready - the paint masks will be made after the mold.
Oh and the fantasy color to be rolled out first would be blue because - search for “Interstella 5555” to find out :-) ケンタウロスはネタではなかった。商品化しますね。
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