Sunday, April 5 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Are you feeling lucky? If so then our new Smart Doll Fortuitous may interest you. There are no photos of her face because she is actually a representation for a Smart Doll that is chosen for you at random by our team - and because we choose for you, you get her at 10% off. Fortuitous is also the only way to get hold of a Smart Doll that has not been released yet - as of 2020/04/05 the random selection will include characters which are production ready but have not yet been released. The selection may include limited or discontinued characters too.
Fortuitous works out for us because we get to control inventory levels more tightly and also works out for you because you get the product at a discount - but only if you are feeling lucky because you cant choose which Smart Doll you get.

Fortuitous is ideal for somebody buying a Smart Doll as a present or somebody who likes all our Smart Dolls and don’t mind which they get ;-) Fortuitous is also ideal for people like Dr Strange who can manifest what they want through visualization and focus. That movie was soo good!

Fortuitous is not ideal for folks who want a Smart Doll of their choice at a discount - you cannot choose the Smart Doll you are going to get. One does not simply order Fortuitous and expect to get the Smart Doll of their choice - unless you are Dr Strange.

Flip through the images to learn more - the Fortuitous product detail page is up on the Smart Doll online store so in the coming soon section so you can signup for the email alert if you want ;-) Please note that we only have a limited amount of Fortuitous slots per month. Fortuitous will be an actual product and not outlet grade.
We are first testing with the cinnamon skin tone and if she does well then we will roll out the other three colors.
If this works out then we will roll this out for apparel and option parts too ;-) Fortuitous will be out this month.
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