Friday, April 3 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

It looks like many of you dislike Tridents. Well…this is actually great news! It just means that we will have enough to go around for those who do want them ;-) Flick through the images to see why I decided to put them into production.

TLDR ? - I have received requests to either not make Tridents and “dump” the prototypes in the garage - or make them without their third eye. However I am pleased to say that the mold is currently being electromolded - with all 3 eyes and hopefully that would be ready this month with the paint masks ready by beginning May.
We will work on Prophecy first because I think she is soooo cute! If you like the face design but dislike the Quantum Eye of the Tridents then you can always go undercover mode with a wig that has a fringe or a hat or a kamikaze bandana. Don’t cover it up for too long or past midnight though... Alternatively we do have a ton of other Smart Dolls with two eyes to choose from ;-) Do you prefer Prophecy or Perception?
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