Wednesday, April 1 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

While we cant completely shutdown right now, I want to reduce the amount of time my team has to spend on the trains. For this reason we will be taking every Friday off for the next 4 weeks. Our work is very hands on so we cant work from home. This means that Mirai Store will also be closed every Friday.

While we will be off on Fridays - this does not affect the time that we usually take to get stuff out the door - we officially ask for 2 - 5 business days.

However shipping times are affected by the pandemic depending on where you are. Japan Post has specifically announced that they wont be shipping to certain regions in their announcement - link in the header of the smart doll online store.
That announcement does not affect our top countries America, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The guy from Japan Post who came to pick up packages yesterday said that Japan Post *was* accepting packages to the said regions in the announcement *but* that it would just take time.

I would say for now just go ahead and place an order and we will try to get it out one way or the other - or refund you if we cant. Only place an order if you are good and playing the waiting game - don't order if you need your stuff in the same speed that stuff usually arrives when there is no pandemic.

We are also looking into other courier services and may be able to switch to that service for an affected area. I checked shipments that we sent to the US last Thursday and it looks like most of them arrived in customers hands by our Tuesday.
Please remember that we do not have control of what happens to packages after it leaves the nest and that you should expect delays during the pandemic. Please do not order anything if you are in need to mail us constantly asking where your stuff is - save the anxiety for after the apocalypse. Worrying about your stuff will just increase anxiety reducing your immunity in a time where you need immunity the most. Stay Safe.

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