Wednesday, April 1 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

The elf ears were just the beginning of our mystical line of accessories for Smart Doll and today I am most delighted to introduce Centaur for Smart Doll. Cast from soft vinyl, the centaur body houses an internal frame just like Smart Doll which can stand on its own without the need for additional support.

We call the horse part “Centaur Body” and the human torso part “Centaur Torso.” All you need to do is choose the Centaur Body in the color of your choice (only Dark brown available at launch) and then choose the Centaur Torso in the color of your choice - choices are all Smart Doll skin tones which are cocoa, tea, milk and cinnamon.

There is a parting line between the Torso and Body in the shape of a V which points down at the Torso navel. All you have to do is to take your current Smart Doll, remove the head, bust and arms and then attach it to the Centaur Torso. You can attach any bust size to the Centaur Torso which is compatible with both vinyl and cortex parts.

The color of the tail that comes with the dark brown Centaur Body is black but soon you will be able to buy the tail in the same colors as our wigs which are hazel, cocoa, sunset orange etc. The tail is made of the same fibers as the wigs.
The Centaur comes with the default Greek Mythology Sports Bra as pictured in the photos. We have a lineup of garments and additional accessories such as the Pegasus Wings, armor and saddles coming soon - and yes - other Smart Dolls can ride the Centaur ;-) Pegasus wings prototypes should be ready within the next month.
As with all our apparel and accessories - the Centaur is only compatible with Smart Doll.
What other fantasy option parts would you like to see for #smartdoll ? Griffon? Medusa? Chimera? Serpent? Mermaid?
Modeled by Sakashima Toya and finished by Sergeant Chang. #tokyo #smartdoll #anime #manga #doll #bjd #fashion #3dprinting #fashiondoll #dollphoto #dollphotography #dollphotographer #dollfashion #bjdphotography #japan #notweet

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