Sunday, March 29 2020

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You first saw this jacket back in October 2019. Since then it’s been field tested in Korea and the national parks of America - namely Canyon Lands and Arches.
I love long jackets when coupled with short jeans. We’ve made a few long coats in the past and our designs have evolved over the years. I like my Smart Doll girls to wear the jackets with the front open but our previous designs would look bulky on the sides - this started to annoy me ;-) So I set forth to design a long jacket with Maruko Halu that looked great when the front was open but things still looked odd even after a few prototypes.

I made the decision to make a sacrifice for aesthetics over function. While this jacket has a front zip, you cannot zip it up while it’s being worn. This is because I wanted the waist to look slim instead of bulky when the jacket was worn with the front open - have a look at the comparison photo between our previous Duster Jacket and the Wasteland Jacket. Folks who do want a long jacket that zips up at the front can use the free patterns that I distributed recently.

This jacket is made in Iwakuni Japan and then sent to Okayama where it is given a stone bio wash for a used weathered look. Please expect frayed edges, holes, uneven edges and unevenly weathered surfaces as one would expect from a weathered item.
I named the item “Wasteland Jacket” back in October as I thought it would look great worn in a post apocalyptic scenario like I Am Legend, The Maze, Mad Max, The Last of Us (waiting for part 2!) and so on.
Little did I know back then that I was to release the jacket a few months later in what is turning out to be a real post apocalyptic environment…

We made two colors - Brown and Wine Red. Not sure if we will keep both colors so decide wisely you will - or just get both ;-) Should be out soon. which color do you prefer or would like to see this in?
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