Sunday, March 29 2020

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According to Google-sensei, “Ripped Jeans,” “Distressed Jeans,” “Torn Jeans” are the types of names given to this type of garment but we decided to call them Tokyo Jeans because they are stitched in Tokyo. They are however also sent to Okayama where they are then laser etched for the whiskers, manually ripped and then stone and bio washed, dyed once more to give them a brown/yellowish worn look and then all topped off with color fixing agent. The jeans are then sent back to our studio in Tokyo where we do QC before packing them.
They were originally going to be called “Tokyo Okayama Jeans” but we thought that would be a mouthful so opted just for “Tokyo Jeans.”
For many years I didn’t fancy making ripped jeans as I knew there would be quite a number of folks moaning that the rips were not even/didn’t have the same amount of laddering etc. But I really wanted some for my girls so we started to prototype for quite a few moons - the results look great! The next thing to do is to set expectations for folks who may want them too. • The rips in the jeans are done by humans - no two pairs will look alike.

These photos are sampled from the actual product. • There are two large rips - one on the left and one on the right - folks should do not expect the holes to look exactly the same with the exact number of threads fraying at the exact same height across jeans.
• While we have tried to leave some laddering in the rips, as the jeans are given a stone wash after, the laddering may fray away and leave a gaping hole by the time we receive and pack them.
• The more your Smart Doll wears these jeans, the laddering may rip until they eventually leave a gaping hole.
• Holes in the jeans without laddering are not considered faulty - folks who do not agree should go to YouTube and search for “never gonna give you up.”
• Loose threads hanging off the rips won’t all be of uniform length - the ones on the right hole may be longer than the left hole.

Yes I do feel silly writing all that but i’ve been told that our weathered shoes are not weathered evenly.... #smartdoll

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