Thursday, March 26 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

I thought I’d release a bunch of free Smart Doll apparel patterns in the hope that some of you can use them to generate some income in troubled times - I heard from many Smart Doll owners that they are not generating any income during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Today I released free patterns for the Stand Collar Trench Coat, School Girl Blazer, Romper and Sukumizu - these are the actual patterns that we use for the actual products. Oh - if you download the blazer then you may also want to download the pattern for the School Girl Uniform too - also free ;-) These patterns are free for you to make goodies for yourself or to sell. You need not pay us any fees whatsoever. Feel free to modify them as you wish.

Usually I would digitize and translate everything to English but that takes ages so I just scanned and uploaded the PDFs. If any of you want to translate and redistribute then be my guest. Go to the Smart Doll online store and click on “Free Stuff” under the “Popular Stuff” menu to access the Learning Hub where you can also download some 3D data.

Please remember to set your printer to black/white and print at 100% ratio or the sizes are going to be off. Please note that these patterns are only designed for Smart Doll girls - the Trench Coat does fit the guys but you may want to modify the arms and chest size a wee bit.

If you are stuck at home then maybe take this as a good opportunity to start a side project - you never know where a side project will take you in your career 😉 Stay safe.

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