Sunday, March 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Many folks are asking if our sales have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic - due to the influx of sales I’m wondering if our products are being mistaken for other items - Smart Dolls would cause suffocation if you tried to use them as a mask - and probably cause injury if you tried to wipe your bottom with them.

Demand is indeed rather high so I jump in and help with picking and packing. If you see the initials DC or DAN361 stamped on your box then it means I either picked the contents or packed it ;-) To minimize mistakes the person who picked is not allowed to pack. The person packing has to check the contents again and take a photo of the contents - we do this to help us identify errors in the fulfillment process and to make sure that the products are in the condition that they should be in when they leave here.
Meanwhile on the second floor, the dolls are packed where we also take photos of each and every doll - the face and full body. We do this to make sure the dolls are in the condition that we want them to be in when they leave here.
Folks do ask for signatures from time to time and I will sign when available but if I’m not then priority goes to getting your stuff out the door asap. We are back at work after the long 3 day weekend tomorrow - looks like its going to be another busy day shipping.

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