Sunday, March 22 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Coronavirus update in Japan. The difference between life in Japan and other parts of the world is stark judging from what I see on the news.
Went out n about yesterday to Izu and Togoshi Ginza to find that while the streets weren’t teeming with people, life seemed normal apart from the lack of toilet paper and masks. Groceries are plentiful due to the school closures - what was to be school lunch is now being sold cheap - beef, vegetables etc.

I hear that the social distancing situation on the trains has improved - before you were 1 centimeter away from the next person but now that’s been increased to 3 centimeters due to school closure and many folks working at home.

However, it looks like Japanese schools may start opening as early as next week. Some theme parks like Toshimaen have reopened. There are currently no domestic or international travel restrictions. Looking out the window, you wouldn’t know that there was a pandemic going on judging from the amount of people, cars and folks out n about taking boat trips enjoying the Hanami spring blossom season.

How are you keeping up in this bizarre period? Stay safe and healthy. #japan #covid_19 #corona #coronavirus #tokyo

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