Monday, April 13 2020

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

Hey folks! Sorry for the radio silence. I’ve mainly been focusing on workflow and system updates to enable us to continue shipping by DHL efficiently. Most of our packages are reaching locations in the US within two days. For other parts of the world, packages go to DHL’s Hong Kong hub before getting on another flight to their final destination.

As you can see from one of these photos, a package picked up on the 8th April 3PM arrived at the customers door in Phoenix America 9th April at 1PM.

With so many people loosing their jobs due to businesses closing down, I need to find a balance between looking after the health of my staff and keeping the business going so that I don’t have to let them go. We have already closed Mirai Store to all walk-ins and are taking Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

DHL has been great in getting our stuff out amidst a pandemic where airports are closed. Japan Post has been returning stuff to us that they cant get out on a flight - in this case we contact the customers straight away and put the packages on DHL’s plane the next day.

However the DHL bills have been coming in and I see that they have charged me 35000 JPY on packages to some regions - I cant sustain this or its sayonara Smart Doll but its important to keep on shipping. I may have to remove free shipping and raise the shipping costs by a few hundred yen but I will still cover the extra costs of shipping by DHL. I would rather pay extra out of my own pocket for DHL and have our goodies arrive to you quicker.

If you are waiting for a particular release then please know that I’m not sitting on my botty playing pew pew - not all the time anyway ;-) Stay Safe.

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