Tuesday, September 29 2015

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Makeup is being done as we speak but wanted to show you skin color first.

Without makeup, the details on the face are difficult to see which is why I've increased the exposure a bit - in real life she is much darker.

Harmony's skin is very difficult to work with. For Mirai, we can use microfine sandpaper to remove blemishes. For Ebony we can do the same but it takes double time.
The problem with Harmony is that sandpaper leaves the skin surface white which we need to dampen down with water and blutac.

The slush casting process by nature leaves blemishes on the surface and Mirai and Ebony are all released with a correlate amount to balance out the wabi-sabi (which you read about in the Design Philosophy post) - for Harmony however, to achieve this level of dark soft vinyl, more blemishes will be noticeable - just like the human body.

Do note that neither Ebony or Harmony are white skin with darker paint sprayed on - both have color mixed in at the vinyl creation stage.

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