Monday, August 31 2015

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

This is Mirai Genesis T1. It fits in the torso of Smart Doll and pairs with your mobile phone by Bluetooth.
When you get mail, Facebook, Twitter, instagram or any notifications, Smart Doll will convey the relevant information and more by voice.

Mirai Genesis will first come out for Mirai and is sold separately for folks who want this functionality.
Mirai Genesis also has voice recognition built in to understand and execute various commands.

All Smart Doll voices come with recordings of various voice actresses in the Anime industry.

Do note that the 1/3 scale is not robotic and only has Smart functionality. Just imagine Android Wear or Apple Watch without a screen.

There may be some modding involved - still trying to figure out the best way to house the unit for existing users.

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