Wednesday, September 23 2015

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

If you don't care about being ignored or bullied then you are already halfway to fulfilling your dreams. Remember - if you care too much about what people think about you - you are not going to get far in life because your big goals will in most cases will involve making some people unhappy.

22 years ago I sat here at the Hachiko exit in Shibuya wondering how I was going to make it to Japan permanently. Looking back, being raised in a foster home, being bullied at school later and being raised in Hackney London (at the time was the most worst place to live in the whole of England) later on primed me with a determination that I didn't realize I had until I discovered Japanese culture.
No matter how much grief you are going through or have been though, one day you will realize why you went through that shite.


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