Tuesday, September 22 2015

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The view from my local solitude spot. These days, there seems to be many folks who spend too much of their time with their head either buried in their computer screen or mobile device but don't realize the importance of solitude time to reflect on life. Reflecting on the past enables you to examine the present to plan for the future - essential for anybody who is aiming to achieve something in life.

I was brought up in an era without Internets - without its distraction, I got to spend a lot of my time thinking and I did a lot of that by the River Thames back in London. 
While I don't get as much time to think about stuff as I did back then, I do try to make as much time as possible to think about stuff - and there is a lot to think about what with running the company. When waiting around for a train (or on the train), I consciously try not to bury my head in my Xperia as I know I already did that back in the office and at home.

There are a load of problems to be solved and much of it can only be done by devoting processing power from your brain. Pulling yourself away from a daily routine and spending sometime at a place with a view does wonders. If you find your brain getting clogged up or you feel stuck in a rut in your career then maybe it's because you have been spending too much time using your brain to process information from the Internets rather than using your brain to process life problems and goals.

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