Sunday, June 21 2015

Posted By Danny Choo in Instagram

As long as we live, we will encounter illness. Some of these illnesses come and go like the common cold but some of us have to live with these illnesses for the rest of our life. And then there are some of us who are born with illnesses.

I'm not sure whether I was born with Asthma (both parents have it) but remember carrying around an inhaler as I got pretty wheezy where at one point I even had my chest pumped to get rid of some sort of fluid which accumulated in my lungs.

Just like how I started my company, my dad also started off his shoe business working from home and I remember the whole house smelling of glue which seemed to further agitate my (and his) asthma.

The illness that I wasn't born with however was Spinal Hernia which I was diagnosed with back in 2008 that put me in a wheelchair this month ><
I can still walk a little bit though but not too far >< #1349

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