Instagram Posts (2016-12)

A load of Good Smile Company goodies. Anything here tickle your fancy?

Back in #japan for 2 weeks before heading to Malaysia again....

#tokyo touchdown. It's a BB8 plane heading to Tatooine....

The floor in Hong Kong is slippery. Heung Gong ge dey ha ho wat ah.

I must go now. My planet needs me. リリカル離陸。

Code Geass LINE stickers get. コードギアスラインスタンプゲット。

Checking in with Ebony-chan. チェックイン。#smartdoll

Ebony-chan checking out Hong Kong before heading back to #japan...

Hong Kong style milk tea for Mirai #smartdoll. 香港式ミルクティー美味しい。

Ebony 's new friend Wolfwire. 海外仕様トランスフォマー香港で沢山見つけた。#smartdoll