Instagram Posts (2014-01)

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Eiji!

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Kanata!

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Haruka!

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Kizuna!

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Chitose!

Happy Chinese New Year greetings from Mirai-chan!

I should have shared these earlier - ang bao templates at...

Anothet use case for Touch n Go at a hotel.

Mirai Suenaga shrine. みらいちゃんグッズの色々。

Soup Curry at CoCo Ichibanya is too awesome. So awesome that i eat...

Why you should wear a surgical mask in #japan

Todays #tokyo omnoms.

Naked Chitose and Kizuna. #moekana2nd

Another Kizuna WIP #moekana2nd

Kizuna WIP

Out n about with mirai #tokyo

Sashimi omnom #tokyo #japan

looking for Smart Doll material for the tees.

#tokyo tower by night. 今宵の東京タワー。

More filming in Akihabara. Will let you know who these ladies are...

Mirai-chan Smart Doll out n about filming in Akihabara....

浅草でみらいちゃんぴったりサイズの乗り物見っけ。 A perfect ride for mirai in Asakusa.

浅草で収録中のみらいちゃん。 Mirai-chan now filming at Asakusa.

Mirai-chan in Harajuku wrapped up for a day of filming. 原宿で収録中のみらいちゃん。

Cute girl games.

With the Anime Expo boss at our office. AX2014 is going to be...

At Meguro Fudouson #tokyo

Mirai-chan in the CNY mood.

Smart Doll box design meeting. スマートドール箱デザインの打ち合わせ。

Weeeeeeeeeeee. #tokyo

The exchange should withhold. #japan

Inspecting MiraiFrame T3. Its looking good! T4 due...

In #Japan you will normally find manga thrown out for recycle. How...

See you at the next AFA which is going to be at

Cosplayer Angie and photobomb-san at AFA2013.

Ying Tze at AFA2013

KANAME VS DANNY. BL photo album announcement this April.

AFA stage manager 帅哥 Jonny.


Anisong = AFA. Nuff said.

Team Indonesia at AFA. Mantap!

My girls prepping for CNY. This should all be ready by Friday.

A short stroll in my local shopping arcade at Musashikoyama #tokyo...

At Meiji Jingu in Harajuku #Tokyo

This evenings grocery shopping at Samito. #tokyo #japan

#Tokyo dindins

Do you enter or wait?

Char siew, siew yook wan tan mee.