Kick Heart

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KickStarter —— 一個創意專案的募資平台。動漫工作室Production IG決定運用這個平台來製作一部名為《Kick Heart》的作品

在我左手邊的是樱井圭记(《攻殼機動隊》、《新世紀福音戰士》、《Blood +》),而在他左手邊的則是Production IG的大老闆石川-san。我在忍者訓練中學習到的技能讓我能在這個項目中扮演一個低調的角色 —— 晚點再揭曉 ^^;。


這個項目的Kickstarter頁面就在這裡,目前已經籌得了幾千美元 —— 目標是集資15萬美元。這個項目的詳細資料均取自KickStarter頁面。

A love story between two people that each have a secret to hide. One a pro-wrestler, the other a Nun. Losing never felt so good.


Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?

The film is directed by one of Japan's most innovative and original animation directors, Masaaki Yuasa.


During the mid 80’s and 90’s Japanese animation directors, such as Mamoru Oshii, pioneered a new era of animation. Their films inspired animation fans around the world, including many well known Hollywood film directors.

Recently in Japan, its been very difficult for the next generation of innovators to create more artistically driven projects-- mainly because of the economic situation in Japan. Most of the focus has been put on creating projects that carry less risk-- such as remakes of older animation projects or well-known established properties.

So we had an idea: What if we use Kickstarter as a platform to connect the fans across the globe who want to see cutting-edge animation, with highly skilled anime directors? By using crowdfunding to help support and promote these talented directors, we can enable them to push the boundaries of anime to inspire others to innovate alongside them.

This is a bit of an experiment for us, and we are trying to see if is possible to make these types of artistically driven films with the help of crowd-funding. If this goes well, we would definitely like to pursue more projects like this in the future.


Kick-Heart will be a 2D animated short film that will be approximately 10 minutes in length and will be written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa. This film has just recently completed pre-production and layout.

During the campaign, we will be providing live updates during production and backers will get exclusive access to:

  • Production Artwork
  • Storyboards
  • Production blogs
  • Interviews with Production I.G staff


Our goal is raise a minimum of $150,000 for this project. After the film is completed, we plan on submitting it to film festivals around the world.

Here is how we intend to use the funds:

  • Increase the quality of animation
  • Increase the overall duration of the animation
  • Help offset the current production costs
  • Manufacturing costs for backers rewards (Blu-ray,Print materials etc)
  • Digital distribution costs for backers downloading the film
  • Festival Submission Fees


Masaaki Yuasa, Director

Massaki Yuasa has been involved in many notable projects such as Crayon Shin-can, Hakkenden, My Neighbor the Yamadas, Samurai Champloo, leading up to his directorial debut with Mind Game. His animation is cherished by the people who are familiar with his work and his style of animation is unlike anything being made. His work plays with themes of slapstick comedy and human drama. His drawings at first glance may look unrefined, but this intentional look becomes very dynamic and expressive when they are brought to life using hand-drawn Japanese animation.

Mamoru Oshii, Project Consultant

Mamoru Oshii, is considered one of Japan’s most famous and influential directors. He has written and directed such films as Patlabor 2, Ghost in the Shell, Avalon, Innocence and Skycrawlers and is known as a pioneer in the Japanese animation industry. He has received and been nominated for numerous awards, including the prestigous Palme d'Or and Golden Lion. Oshii-san has graciously offered to help advise and consult on the film.

Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, CEO Production I.G

Ishikawa founded Production I.G with popular character designer Takayuki Goto in 1987. The company has since produced a number of acclaimed feature films, OVA (original video animation), TV shows, and video games. Ghost in the Shell, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade, and Blood: The Last Vampire, have earned critical acclaim in Japan and all around the world. Innocence, directed by Mamoru Oshii in 2004, has been the first Japanese animation feature ever to compete for the Palme d'Or at the Festival de Cannes.

不妨看一看他們的概念圖稿吧 —— 若你覺得這個項目值得你投資,那就馬上前往KickStarter支持他們吧!


: Our sincere gratitude

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:"Kick-Heart" High Defintion (720p) Digital Download

:"Kick-Heart" HD Digital Download (720p) + Character Designs PDF + Digital Storyboard PDF + Background Art PDF

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:A private tour of Production I.G + A dinner with the Kick Heart’s Director, Masaaki Yuasa, Mitsuhisa Ishikawa, the CEO of Production I.G and Mamoru Oshii, director of Ghost in the Shell) + Travel and Accomodation(1 night) in Tokyo + Blu-ray (1080p) + "Kick-Heart" HD Digital Download (720p) + "Making of Kick-Heart" Digital Download (720p) + Character Designs PDF + Background Art PDF + Digital Storyboard PDF +1 Giclee Background Art Print Signed by Yuasa + Special "Platinum Sponsor" website and film credit

如果這個項目最終成功了,那也就表示你將有機會提出你的心願 —— 某部動漫作品的第二季?讓製造商聽到你的心聲。讓作品中的人物起死回生?或整死某個讓你恨得牙癢癢的角色?


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