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你們一些人可能還記得這件事。由於很多年前的某某石原事件,角川和另外10家動畫發行公司停止出席東京國際動畫影展(Tokyo Anime Fair,簡稱TAF),并自己主辦了動畫內容博覽會(Anime Contents Expo,簡稱ACE)。

昨天,ACE和TAF的委員會成員終於有機會見面,理清他們之間的分歧。他們最後決定攜手舉辦一場“全球最大型的動漫活動” —— 他們將這場活動命名為“AnimeJapan”,將於2014年3月22(六)和23日(日)于9:00 a.m. 至 5:00 p.m.之間舉行。


  • Aniplex
  • Animate
  • Kadokawa
  • King Records
  • Satellite
  • Sunrise
  • Geneon Universal Entertainment
  • Shogakukan
  • Tezuka Productions
  • Toei
  • TMS Entertainment
  • Nihon Ad Systems
  • Nippon Animation
  • Bandai Visual
  • Pierrot
  • Production IG
  • Frontier Works
  • Pony Canyon
  • Marvelous Entertainment Inc

以下說明取自活動的官方網站 —— 感覺他們如果想主辦全球最大型的動漫活動,還是把Engrish(不標準的英文)改過來吧 ><。

We have established "AnimeJapan 2014" which is the festival aims for expansion and advancement of Japanese animation industry and related industries.
AnimeJapan combine the elements of business market and festival for fans in the 2 days.
We will make meaningful and the world's largest Animation festival for the domestic and international fans, licensees, buyers and all people in the world.
Therefore, we develop "Tokyo International Anime Fair (TAF)" and "ANIME CONTENTS EXPO (ACE)" which have been held at every March, set up the new Executive Committee and both of creative teams are gathering under that to conduct this event.
We make an effort to move hand-in-hand with our fans and relevant people to make this event play a part in the Japanese animation industry.

這是井上-san —— 角川的老闆,兼委員會成員。過幾天會和他見面,到時候再和你們分享更多關於AnimeJapan的詳情。

我對於AnimeJapan想要走向國際的想法感到有點困擾 —— 在日本的活動成功后就進軍海外。


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