Zettai Kareshi

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/04/18 15:43 JST in Misc

So there are a few cyborg girl stories knocking around which have been setting the ronery otaku heart alight at the prospect of being able to one day lurve a girl of their dreams. Theres Yuria from Yuria Type 100, the lovely Chii from Chobits, Silfa from ToHeart2 etc.
But are there not any stories where there are robot boys for the ronery girls?

There is and its called Zettai Kareshi meaning "Absolute Boyfriend."
Zettai Kareshi was (is) originally a Shojo Manga and has been given the manga-to-drama treatment just like just about all the dramas and anime these days. Zettai Kareshi stars nice boy Hayami Mokomichi as the cyborg called Tenjo Knight who has been programmed to be the perfect boyfriend for cutie Aibu Saki who plays Riiko - a temp staff working at a cake manufacturer. Riiko goes along to cyborg manufacturer Kronos Heaven and fills out a hilarious form which asks her multiple choice questions to determine what her perfect boyfriend should be like. Riiko was under the impression however that she was going to be introduced to a real human until one day a huge box appears on her doorstep containing her perfect boyfriend... One of the first things Tenjo Knight says to Riiko is "Ecchi shiyou ka?" or "lets do hanky panky." These screen caps are from the first EP which went on air this week so you should be able to easily get hold of it through your (open) sources. Throughly enjoyed the first episode and want more but will have to wait until next Tuesdays 9PM - Fuji TV. If you liked Chobits then you may enjoy this show too - full O laughs to be had.
First 10 mins of Zettai Kareshi EP1 below and preview for next week here.