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Have been meaning to write this post since last year ^^; For Many moons, I've been a fan of Osaka based eroge game development company Yuzusoft. While I've not had the opportunity to sit down and play them, I love the artwork from Yuzusoft's illustrators Kobuichi-sensei and Muririn-sensei.
Am over the moon that I've added another company that I've been a fan of to my list of clients. The official website for Yuzusoft has been running on our Mirai Gaia platform since last October. They Join Konami, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, King Records, Sega, Ascii Media Works and more in using the same platform that runs dannychoo.com.
A poster of Yuzusoft's up n coming title DRACU-RIOT spotted in the office - signed by the illustrators Kobuichi-sensei and Muririn-sensei! DRACU-RIOT is due out on the 31st of March and our Mirai Suenaga is going to be in it!
When visiting Osaka last Summer, I went along to Yuzusoft's office to meet up with the guy who runs operations - Rodo-san. I work with him on the website and other things like this.
Rodo-san and I are interested in exploring ways to get their products to you. My thinking is that the original Japanese product text and language remain untouched but include inline English translations that can be turned on/off which would help one to learn Japanese. I also think that the kanji should have furigana so that you can easily look up words which can be added to a Learn List.
I would add functionality to the International version so that you can export texts or send learned phrases to a mobile device so that you can also learn on the go as well.
If you got any requests regarding how you want eroge to be made more available to you - just name it. If you want to be involved with the production or work in the eroge industry then just leave a comment and list your skillset. If you prefer to work in the anime industry then there is a post for that.
If only I had eroge when I was learning Japanese - probably would have learned much quicker! Back then I didnt even have Internets ToT
Then its time to raid the office to see what goodies they have lying about. Here we have 3 of their recent titles - Nobel Works, Tenshin Ranman and Natsuzora Kanata.
Tenshin Ranman was really popular and even got adapted to the PSP which still sold well without the ecchi scenes.
Yuzusoft's 2008 title Burapan.
Yuzusoft's first 2007 title ExE.
A 1 billion yen note! ( 1,233,851 USD )
Only managed to take photos of the tidy parts of the office - although the rest of the office is where all the goodies and action was going on ^^;
So cute and ecchi!
Yuzusoft also have their own wrist support systems.
Rodo-san's desk.
Rodo-san makes Gunpla during lunch breaks.
Then its off round the corner to have some noms noms for lunch.
Back in Tokyo to mysteriously find a load of Yuzusoft stuff in the office.
This Tenshin Ranman wall scroll is so nice!
As for how I got to know Yuzusoft, one day I tweeted asking somebody to introduce me to Yuzusoft - then Rodo-san replied ^^;
The first thing we worked on together was this illustration of Mirai Suenaga by Kobuichi-sensei. I've not released all layers yet but she also drew the Solar Marine, Winter Uniform and Bikini layers. I'll distribute the Photoshop files later but for now you can get this wallpaper here.
The illustrations done by Kobuichi-sensei where used to make a Mirai Itasha in Singapore. If you are interested in making your own Itasha and want to use Mirai's images - lemme know and I'll send the original files to you at no cost. Just lemme know which company you plan on using to plaster your car.
And the Kobuichi itasha can still be seen on the roads of Singapore!