XPERIA X Smart Doll

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2016/01/09 21:36 JST in Smart Doll
Plaza Low Yat is Malaysia's largest IT mall - on the ground floor you will find the official Sony store selling their mobile goodies which include their line of Xperia phones - and you will also find Smart Doll there too.
Following on from the collaboration with Sony Taiwan, it gives me great pleasure to let you know that Xperia now collaborates with my line of fashion dolls called Smart Doll.
This is the concept - up until now, potential customers would test out the Xperia camera capabilities by taking photos of...other Xperia phones. Now customers have a subject to take a photo of which gives them a better understanding of the camera capabilities - the detailing of the apparel and hair together with the crystal clear Smart Doll Eyes provide a varied array of colors and texture to test the camera.
This understanding of the Xperia capabilities can potentially increase conversion leading to more Xperia sales.
This collaboration is also great for Smart Doll. Smart Doll has always been a fashion doll for the world and if I focused on the otaku market alone then that would not be the case.
Collaborations like this have been exposing Smart Doll to folks who would never see such a product close up.
It's through collaborations like this that have enabled me to created a new consumer base who appreciate Smart Doll for its aesthetic form rather than an anime character.
Head over to Plaza Low Yat and meet Mirai on the ground floor Sony Store - you can take photos of her on your camera too and it does not have to be an Xperia ^^
Mirai-chan kawaii!
Snap together with the Sony Store Staff.
I've been using Xperia since the Z1 then Z2 and held out until now to get the Z5. The Malaysian edition is a Dual SIM which is convenient although I usually switch one off when I don't need it.
This is my first phone with fingerprint recognition and I love it. Although I feel I should have got the Premium for the longer lasting battery.
And this is the collaboration in Taiwan.
Smart Doll is also in education and soon the health sector. Stay tuned!