Wonhobby TV Summer 2012

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2012/08/11 10:42 JST in Figures

Just under 37000 viewers joined us for the Wonhobby TV broadcast that took place at the new offices of Good Smile Company.
That night we had a load of industry guests including folks who brought us titles like Steins Gate, Muv Luv, Vanguard, Fate Zero, Madoka Magica and much much more.

This photo taken at the end of the broadcast at just past 2AM together with Yoshimi, KenWorks, Hisagi and our NicoNico Controller.

After the Wonfes, it was back to base to prep all the broadcasting equipment - today we was going to broadcast on NicoNico and Ustream.

Heading over to the Good Smile offices. Time for some Ridge Racer music.

Arrival at Tokyo Sky Tree - the Good Smile offices are right next to it.

A few snaps outside.

Time to set up all the equipment and experience some of the traditional technical difficulties.

The big boss of Good Smile company Aki Takanori pops in n out throughout the evening.

Each NicoNico broadcast on an official channel involves quite a bit of equipment...

All set but I forgot the mini HDMI adapter...

One of our men rush over to Akihabara to fetch one.

Ustream broadcasting from the Mac - NicoNico from the main camera.

Finally up n running!

Good smile brought along a load of decoration masters for our viewers.

Caption this image.

Insane BRS sculpted by somebody based in the Good Smile Company Shanghai offices.

Speaking to one of the Project Managers. As part of his job, he has to play a load of games and watch a load of anime. While there are a load of characters that he personally wants to make into a figure, he obviously has to make the decision to make ones which sell.

This is Suzuki-san based in the Shanghai offices.

We had viewers from every single corner of the world!

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Aki pops in for a chat on the show.

The boss of Max Factory joins the broadcast!

Aki-san recommends Moekana for your Japanese learning needs!

Just joined us we have Chiyomaru Shikura (Chaos;HEAd, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS, Robotics;Notes, Steins;Gate etc), Kouki Yoshimune (Muv-Luv) and Kidani Takaaki (Bushiroad boss).

The boss of Ufotable (Fate Zero, Madoka Magica etc) Kondo Hikaru joins us for some industry talk.

That dish from TariTari!

Signing off - over and out!

Still a few bits n pieces to sort out - Red Bull keeps us going.

Here is a view from the offices that we forgot to show the viewers ><

Meanwhile in the main office, the Japanese broadcast continues.

I was supposed to join this broadcast but didn't make it in time ><

Table full of decoration masters yet to be manufactured.

Quick wander around the office to chat with comrades.

You probably know about the racing cars that come with nendoroids by now.

Ah! Saber getting ready to roll.

This work is fun but I tell you it does take a toll on the body. Its not all roses.

4AM - about to leave the offices.

The sun rises on the way home on a Monday morning - yep, I need to be up in a couple of hours to start work again ^^;