Wonhobby Broadcast​ International

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2012/02/11 16:33 JST in Good Smile Company

An update on the first ever broadcast in English of the Good Smile Company program Wonhobby. The English version is to be broadcast at Nico Nico > http://live.niconico.com/gate/lv80896778
You need an account to watch but its painless to signup and you can also authenticate via Facebook too.

Broadcast time is tomorrow at 2012/2/12 22:00 JST - this page shows what time it will be in your timezone.
So Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Manila = 21:00, Jakarta = 20:00, UK = 13:00, LA = 05:00 and NY = 08:00.

We will be taking a look at all the new figure releases that will be announced at the Wonder Festival tomorrow and take a look at some of the photos that you have been submitting. A few folks from Good Smile Company will join us to show us some goodies too.
Will be broadcasting live from the Good Smile Cafe (Good Tetsu Cafe) in Akihabara.

Also keep tabs on my Facebook and Twitter. Yoshimi and I look forward to seeing you!

How many of you coming to the Wonder Festival tomorrow?

And everything below is the related stuff I posted last week.

Calling all Good Smile Company fans! Got a few things for you to get involved with GSC if you are interested. First up is the Miku Art Mosaic Project. Good Smile would like you to submit your photos of your Vocaloid figures - can be any (Miku, Luka, Rin, Len etc) but would be one of the Crypton characters and the figure should be made by Good Smile Company.

Once you snapped your photos, get along and use this form to submit your art. The top field is your nick name, second field is your email addy, 3rd field is the title of the photo you are submitting and the 4th field is any comment.

All photos will be used to create a huge mosaic art of Hatsune Miku which will be published to the Good Smile site and also shown on the Nama Won Hobby broadcast on the night of the 12th. The Nama Won Hobby broadcast is a show that Good Smile Company does after every Wonder Festival that runs from night into the morning on Nico Nico.

For each photo submitted, GSC will donate 100 yen to the 2011/03 earthquake and tsunami relief efforts.

This photo taken at a Nama Won Hobby a few years ago with Aniki as guest. Up until now, Nama Won Hobby has only been in Japanese but for the first time ever, there will be an English version brought to you by Yoshimi and myself. We will be talking about what happend at the Wonder Festival that day and show you the decoration masters of figures announced that day - will have some in the studio to play with ^^; The broadcast will be at the same location as the Japanese Won Hobby.

I would also like to broadcast your Good Smile Company related figure collection too! All you need to do is post photos over at figure.fm or the community site with the tag "wonhobby."

Photos should be of your collection or single figure or anything as long as its related to GSC - scale figures or nendoroids or figma. For licensing reasons - dont swap the heads around of Nendoroids or Figma. Its a complicated thing that I'll talk about one day ^^;
Please include your website url and nick name so we can give you a shoutout during the broadcast. The broadcast URL will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook. Please submit everything by next Tuesday the 7th. You can submit photos that you took a while ago too.

So, even if you dont qualify to apply for the job, you can still be a part of Good Smile Company ^o^