Wonder Festival 2006 Winter part 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2006/02/22 07:53 JST in Figures

OK, I've kept you waiting a whole day so I guess I'd better release these pics before I have to bear the conscience of some readers mounting themselves on the nearest blunt spear.

Before I start, I thought I should mention now that I need to add a 5th part to this report which will be the "unpublished report" - a collection of different angles of figures and some stuff which didn't make it to the first 4 parts. Part 3 will be tomorrow or so.

Starting off with one of my favorite anime characters of the moment - Natsumi Hinata from Keroro Gunsou. I cant remember who the maker of this figure is but I think it was Kaiyodo. This figure is huge - must have been a 1/4 scale or similar. I really wanted it but I think I should learn how to paint figurines first - its *very* different from Gundam modeling. This kit was going for 29000 yen (as far as I can remember - I was too busy looking at Natsumi's huge...anime eyes.)

Forgot to mention that if I missed any names, you can let me know by giving me the photo ID which you will find in the url of the enlarged image - Thank you! ^^;

Rangiku Matsumoto who you have seen before showing off her huge...sword.

Kotona Elegance from Zoids.

Cammy from the Street Fighter series.

Konami's Mecha Musume series - girls which are part human and part mecha - what ever tickles your fancy heh?

More figures from Konami - this time its two mecha type girls from their Busho Shinki series. Unlike Mecha Musume, these use a "Multi Movable System" which allow these figures to be posed in the dodging-a-baboon-with-poo-on-its-face position.

Sayaka Takai from Pia Carrot.

Kanako Ohno from Genshiken.

Saber from Fate/Stay Night.

Mizuho Kazami from Please Teacher.

Igunisu from the game Jingai Makyou. This 1/7 scale figure is absolutely gorgeous - out this July by Max Factory and will retail for 5800 yen.

Pricilla from Gun Sword.

Bell Dandy from Ah My Goddess.

The 1/1 scale anime figures which I covered a while ago by Paper Moon.

More from Paper Moon.

Honami Fujieda from "Tsuki wa Higashi ni Hi wa Nishi ni ~ Operation Sanctuary".

More Honami.

Dont know anything about Maria Custard (?).

Joe from Bakuretsu Tenshi

More girls which are half machine, half human.

Figures from White Breath.

Faye from Front Innocent.

Nanami Minamino from Konneko.

Rio which you may have seen before.

Ayumi Hizuki from Ringetsu. Another *must* get figure.

Carmen 99 from Gun Sword.

Sonsaku Hakufu from Ikki Tousen.

Arika Yumemiya from Mai Otome Hime.

Rei Ayanami from Evangelion.

Saki Kasukabe from Genshiken.

Dont know who this is but she also has huge...anime eyes.

Meer Campbell from you know what.

Akari Mizunashi from Aria.

Kichiku Ou Lance Yamamoto 56. Another amazing kit which you have to paint yourself.

Erm, cant remember who, when, what, why, how...

Mai Shiranui from NEOGEO's fighting series. You can bet that if you go up against her, you'll be knocked out by her two big ones (the red and white balls that you see in the pic).

Takako Kinoshita from Pia Carrot. This costume seems to be very popular in Japan - the "birthday-suit-n-apron".

Bell Dandy showing off her toes.

Sorry - cant remember - I'm sure she's from a NEOGEO game.

Yuki Mori from Space Battleship Yamato.

Tori no Jun from Gatchaman. I remember watching this when I was a wee lad back in the UK - the series was known as G-Force back then (I think).

Cant quite recall but I think shes from some PS2 game.

Mizuho Kazami

Mizuho Kazami

Motoko Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell series.

Nono from Top wo Nerae.

Have no idea who this is.

Think this is a character from a PC adult game?

Cutie Natsumi and Giroro from Keroro Gunso.

Some maid carrying some drink for somebody somewhere.

Kotori Shirakawa by Max Factory - out this June.

Max Factory Carmen 99

Don't know who this is but I think she was on the Kaiyodo stand...

That's all for today - next up are the mecha/starwars goodies. You will get more of the female figurines in part 5... Muhaha.