Wizard Barristers

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Wizard Barristers (also known as Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil ) is an action fantasy anime by ARMS (Elfen Lied, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Queen's Blade: Rebellion), and is directed by Umetsu Yasuomi (Kite, Galilei Donna).

Wizard Barristers has just started airing on TOKYO MX.

The story is set in Tokyo in 2018 where normal folks and wizards live together. For these wizards, there is a special law that abides them and any misuse of magic will be tried in the magic courtroom where the defendant would be defended by the "Benmashi" a.k.a wizard barristers. The story revolves around the youngest barrister in the history called Sudou Cecil.

Main Characters

Visit the official website to view more details about the characters.

Check out the PVs above. If the videos were eaten, try this search query on YouTube.

The OP is Justitia by Lia and the ED is Blue Topaz by Tanabe Rui .

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