Wing Gundam

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/06/26 18:53 JST in Gundam

Got my MG Wing Gundam ages ago but this is all that I've been able to complete ^^;
It's probably going to be another half year before this is finished guessing from the amount of business that Mirai Inc is receiving. Didn't think I would be this busy at such an early stage in the company.

Getting ready for a morning of spraying.

Disposable gloves are a must. A mask is a must too but this mask was crap. Ideally need an industrial mask to keep out the spray paint that floats in the air.

Was going to buy a spray booth or make my own but realistically don't think I will have the time.
This is what I end up doing all the time.

This is the first time that I've primed the surface with Mr Surfacer. I want a different color scheme than the standard Wing colors so had to do the primer thing.

I do like this monotone color though and like the monotone prototypes that you see in the hobby mags.

Will post more when I have put this together just before the re-spraying.