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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/12/15 17:39 JST in Japan

41.9% of Japanese people hardly ever exercise according to this survey taken earlier this year.

Out of the remaining who said that they do exercise, 22.5% walk or go for strolls, 15.5% do weight training or stretches, 7.7% ski or snowboard, 7.6% do golf, 6.7% go swimming, 6.5% do tennis, 6.0% go jogging, 5.9% do yoga and the remainder do other stuff like karate/kendo etc.

When asked where they exercise, 30% said they do their exercise on the road, 25.3% at home, 18.4% in a court and the remaining replies included "on the roof."

One of aims of the Wii Fit is to increase the amount of people doing exercise indoors. My wife does Yoga and liked the concept so we went and got the Wii Fit pack - cost about 8000 yen. I've been on the Wii board quite a bit too as I'm finding it increasingly difficult to get out to exercise given my current work schedule orz.

I know this looks odd but I think thats what most people thought (including me) when Nintendo announced that the Wii had controllers that were waved around in the air.
The exercises in Wii Fit are actually quite fun and you can feel your body ache after each session. Especially great to play with family or when friends are round. Folks in Japan can order on #''#B000NWDXLS,Wii Fit,Amazon#''# or set up an Amazon Associates account and order through your own aStore - learn how.
How often do you exercise and what do you do?

Didn't really play with the Wii for a year but the really good gems seem to be coming out - the other game on my play list is the fantabulous No More Heroes.

Some Wii Fit ads below currently showing every evening on what seems like to be all channels.
And before I forget, todays Japanese lesson is "Undou" ] meaning "exercise."
"Undou shiteimasu ka" means "do you exercise?"