WF2013 Summer Corporate Booth

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More Wonfes coverage - better late than never ^^; I'm actually in Malaysia now prepping for Culture Japan Con next week. So much to doooo ><

Anyway, today we take a lookie at what went on in the corporate booth halls. This Wonfes was special because it was the first time I had stuff up on display - Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll ^o^
This time I called upon the help of comrades at AmiAmi who let me display Mirai in their "AmiAmi Octa Showcase" displays.

For the next Wonfes however, I'm aiming to have our own booth and Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll Standard Frame on sale too ><

Before we carry on - the Good Smile Company and Kotobukiya have their own dedicated Wonfes coverage.

The large amount of empty space in the corporate halls is to accommodate the ton of queues for exclusives in the morning. In late afternoon after all goodies have need nabbed, this hall does look a wee bit empty though.

Full scale Type 95 Ha-Go tank replica by Kamado.

Full scale Wiesel 2 replica by Puramoderu wo 1/1 de Tsukuru-kai .

Giant Graphig.

"3m Girl" by Kaikai Kiki greets visitors with her huge eyes.

And this is how the original figure looks like. Any takers?

Loads of new figures at the Chara-ani booth.

The AmiAmi booth.

Idolm@ster themed Ita-cycling jerseys.

Mameshiki figures from Touhou on display at the AmiAmi booth.

IS Houki Shinonono Akatsubaki 1/8 scale figure.

IS Cecilia Alcott Blue Tears figure.

Now we take a lookie at our bits n pieces focused on Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll. Many thanks again to AmiAmi for the space ^o^

As its the corporate booth area - all oppai has to be censored ><

Used Engrish for the photo sign.

Small selection of Mirai Suenaga goodies.

Find out more about the goodies available at the Culture Japan Convention 2013 on this page.

God Eater Kanon's full scale Jinki at Plum's booth.

1/8 scale Suwahime figure decoration master.

Fate/stay night Maid ver Saber.

Moving on to Alter's booth - Uta no Prince-sama Ittoki Otoya.

Super Sonico Swim Suit Santa Ver.

Summon Night 3 Aty figure.

Persona 4 Labrys figure.

Signum scale figure.

Nisemonogatari Shinobu Oshino Premium Figure by Sega Prize.

Evangelion Racing Asuka Premium Figure.

Evangelion Racing Mari Premium Figure.

Evangelion Racing Rei Premium Figure.

Racing Miku 2011 Ver Premium Figure.

Hyouka Eru Chitanda Sega Lucky-kuji figure.

You Wa Shock Fist of the North Star figures.

The Seven Deadly Sins Leviathan scale figure.

The Seven Deadly Sins Lucifer and Satan scale figures.

Orchid Seed's Super Sonico Cheer Girl Ver figure.

Scale figure of the Illustration Archives "Push!!" Cover Girl.

Queen's Blade Alleyne 1/6 scale figure by Orchid Seed. Pre-ordered!

Checking out Megahouse's booth.

One Piece Zoro Roronoa Portrait.Of.Pirates figure.

Magi Morgiana scale figure.

Sasuke Uchiha figure.

Dragon's Crown Excellent Model Elf figure.

1/2 scale Super Sonico figure at the Nitro Plus Booth.

Full scale Sonico figure.

Bodacious Space Pirates Marika Kato figure by AMAKUNI.

Senran Kagura Ikaruga Soft Oppai figure by Toy's Works.

Oreimo Kuroneko Black One Piece Dress Ver figure by Toy's Works.

Sword Art Online Asuna 1/8 scale figure by Toy's Works.

Accel World Kuroyukihime 1/10 scale figure.

Append Miku figure.


And now on to Union Creative's booth.

Hatsune Miku Calne Ca figure.

Revoltech Danbo Mini series.

Revoltech Yamaguchi No.136 Evangelion Unit 13.

Haganai NEXT Sena Kashiwazaki Odoriko Limited Color ver. scale figure.

Yozora Mikazuki Aku no Keshin Limited Color ver scale figure.

Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou Kirihime Natsuno figure.

Another Mei Misaki 1/8 scale figure by Griffon Enterprises.

Valkyria Chronicles Alicia Melchiott Chara Gumin figure by Volks.

Girls und Panzer Chara Gumin figures.

Armor Girls Project MS Girl Wing Gundam (EW Ver).

More Graphig cuties.

Tsumamare rubber straps by Cospa.

Figmas, Beach Queens and scale figures.

Loads of wooden Kappa statues at the Kaiyodo Kappa-kan booth.

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