Wacom Pen Tablet

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/04/10 17:59 JST in Gadgets
Got myself this Intuos PTZ-630 pen tablet by Wacom early on in the year when Azami sensei and I started to work on Mirai-chan. I just found it more convenient to sketch directly in photoshop rather than on paper and then do a scan. The pen tablet also allows me to change bits n pieces of Azami sensei's drafts easily.
Another reason why I decided to get a tablet is because I wanted it to aid in designing accessories. I do a bit of shoe design and and also plan to launch a brand of accessories in the near future. You know Han Solo's cool belt? Stuff like that and shoulder holsters ^^;
Decided to start off with the A5 size and so far it has been more than enough.
The tablet comes with a useless mouse that I never use. Its interesting though as it doesnt need batteries and works when in proximity of the tablet.
Some extra nibs are supplied each of varying pressure.
There are buttons on each side of the tablet which you can configure to do pretty much anything you want including make tea.
The annoying thing is that the pen doesn't come with a wheel - I have to pay extra 8000 yen for one that does.
Here you can map the tablet to different parts of the screen. Using the tablet when you are screen spanning is tough as you can only (I think) map to one screen. If I want to play around with the other screen then I need to use the mouse.
The unit cost about 24000 yen yen and includes some crap trial software which you dont really need. I use Photoshop mainly for art and retouch and Fireworks for all web graphics. I have to work on Mirai's graphics in Photoshop however as the colors look strange in Fireworks - my color management knowledge is like zilch.
Folks in Japan can get this at #''#B0002ZCK42,PTZ-630,Amazon.co.jp#''#.