Volks x Mirai Suenaga

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2013/07/20 12:31 JST in Mascot

Am delighted to announce that Mirai Suenaga has become a mascot character for Volks!

Volks is one of the major players in the Japanese hobby world. They have a long history of manufacturing injection moulded kits and also bring us the Super Dollfie and Dollfie Dream line of dolls.

To catch a glimpse of our first collaboration, head down to the Volks Store called Hobby Tengoku in Akihabara. Just get off at Akihabara station Electric Town exit - but turn right after the ticket barriers and walk towards the main Chuo Dori street - you will see Hobby Tengoku on the right.

Once you enter the main entrance, keep heading straight and you should see a huge Moekana and Moekanji display ^o^

For those who are not familiar - Moekana and Moekanji are Japanese learning flash cards covered in Moe.

The store staff have been really creative in creating some POP (Point Of Purchase advertising) to decorate the display.

Huuuge Moekanji cards - Titan size.

The Moekanji card "日" (hi) which means "sun" or "day" features Mirai-chan and the gang.

Kimono Mirai-chan from the Moekanji card "竹" (take) which means "bamboo."

I've mentioned it before but this package of Moekana is the last of its kind - we won't be printing it anymore as we are working on Moekana 2nd Edition. If you have not got it yet then you may want to snap it up as it will be a rare item ^^

If you cant get to the store yourself then you can still order them online from the Volks online store.

Moekanji commercial below.

Mirai-chan donning the Volks Store staff apron.

This cutout comes with a carton of Moekanji - retailers will find them in the box.

And here are the Volks x Mirai Suenaga collaboration illustrations!

스에나가 미라이과 함께 일본어를 공부하자!


Learn Japanese with Mirai Suenaga!

I've always loved the Volks Dollfie Dream line of dolls which have really had an impact on my life - not only are they so cute and great to have around - they have also enabled me to connect with other Dollfie Dream owners around the world. My first Dollfie Dream I got was Saber back in 2008.

Earlier on this year, I met up with the Managing Director of Volks and her team. We discussed ways in which we can collaborate with each other and this is just part 1!Keep em peeled for more.