Vividblaze at CJC

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2013/08/16 09:59 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Japanese group vividblaze will be flying in to Penang today to perform at Culture Japan Con this weekend 17th & 18th August - tomorrow!

If you watched any of Culture Japan TV then you would have heard their cool tunes as they managed all the music for the show - check out the lead singer Miho singing Tightrope below.

vividblaze and I have worked together on many projects for many moons now. Our most recent project is the album Mirai Music.

This photo taken a few years ago at their studios.

Miho singing Tightrope when filming at the Good Smile Cafe.

Bit of nostalgia when the office was on the first floor.

Sukirai is the theme song for Culture Japan which I co-wrote with vividblaze.

A setup for one of their performances in Shinjuku.

One of my fave vividblaze tunes - Mirai Moment.

vividblaze will be performing at 11:20 on Day 1, signing on Day 2 from 13:15 and closing the event with another performance on Day 2 from 18:00.
Details on the Stage Schedule.

vividblaze will also be selling Mirai Music at the Guest Merchandise Store.

And this is the video that started it all - Tightrope.