Video Awards Japan 2008

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/12/20 08:30 JST in Tokyo Stormtrooper

My Tokyo Rock Trooper video has been nominated for the best video in the Video Blog category for the YouTube Video Awards Japan 2008. My comrade at Google asked me to make a vid asking folks to vote for me - which I done but that alone would have been boring.

So decided to have a peek around my office at the same time - if you get bored then skip to the middle-ish of the video to have a lookie around the office.

Not exactly sure where folks are supposed to go to vote because the "vote" button seems to be broken for me. The Video Awards Japan 2008 page is located at

If you can vote for my YouTube comrades too then that would be great.

I was also asked to post the video in Japanese. Have not really done any of the sitting-in-front-of-cam-and-babbling type of video and not sure if you would be interested in seeing more. If I was to do more I would probably go around to spots in Tokyo rather than make these vids in my office all the time - will make them in English though ^^;

As for the video, I'm using code which is a bit different than what I've been using up until now to embed YouTube videos - it should show up in high quality.
If it does not play, head over to to see it.

How good is your Japanese and how much did you understand of this video?