Vader Helmet

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2007/02/24 18:00 JST in Misc
Hard parts for my ROTJ Vader armor arrived earlier than I thought. Still need the soft parts before I can actually go anywhere though.
The helmet is humongous and weighs a ton - worried about doing my head in after wearing it for hours on end.
I thought cosplaying as a Stormtrooper was tough but I can see that doing Vader is going to be much more challenging. Unless I carry out some radical mods, I dont think I can go out alone as the helmet is tough to put on...
This is not the full Reveal helmet where the top of the mask comes off but I'm not really bothered about that ^^;
Theres lots of detail under the dome which include a few moving parts @.@
I need to remove all the bits n pieces that you see here however and re-attach properly - you can probably make out a piece missing from the left side of the face.
I may need to get some disposable contact lenses as the helmet is not friendly to folks who wear glasses. For a start, unless you have really small round glasses, the helmet is not going to fit around your face. And even with glasses on, they steam up so you cant see ToT orz
The chest armor is also huge! I find that I need to walk though doors sideways which makes Vader look like such a pratt!
I just realized that I have complained about how big the armor/helmet and forgot that Vader is supposed to be big ^^;
Dont fall for claims of "Ready to wear out of the box" - After my experience buying "Ready to wear Stormtrooper armor", I knew that there was no such thing and this Vader armor is no exception. You can see the neck seal in this photo - I need to take all the bits off and glue them back on properly. Many bits came off just by handling it and I would probably loose the other bits if I went out without modding the whole suit...
Not too sure what to do about a voice changer. Does anybody have that Kenner one thats been available for a while? I also need a way to produce Vaders asthma sounds. I have asthma but its not that bad so I need to think of another way to produce that breathing noise. Probably an iPod attached to speakers of something.
More details pics of the armor at a later date.
BTW, going to Wonder festival tomorrow so expect a ton O figurine news soon ^o^