University of London SOAS Talk & Meetup

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/04/12 08:40 JST in Travel

Updating this post with details of my talk at the University of London (SOAS) on Tuesday 13th of April - tomorrow!

1. Feel free to record/photo the talk and distribute the material however you like.
2. Dress code is anything but birthday suit.
3. Feel free to bring your daughters (or sons)
4. You do not have to RSVP to SOAS as long as you have filled in this form.
5. You will not get a reply after registration - just turn up!
6. Recommend you to bring name cards - even a bit of paper with your name and contact number is better than nothing.
7. Many folks bring me prezzies during meetups - no need for the prezzies - just bring yourself!
8. I wont be in armor (I think) as I need to have some meetings before the talk.
9. Do try to approach and network with like minded folks who attend the event.
10. We have about 100 signups already which do not include the alumini and students that SOAS are preparing.


Next week I will be in London after 5 years of absence. Will be interesting to see how Ol' Blighty has changed over the years. Looking forward to some savaloy n chips, Tescos biscuits and crumpets with hot butter.

Will be spending a lot of time at dads studio making stuff. While I did leave the fashion business to pursue my real passion in Japan, I'm still interested in the fashion biz and have maintained my shoe and accessory design and manufacture skills.

On the 13th of April 2010 from 18:00, I will be presenting at the University of London. The title of the talk is "Creative Industries in Japan: an audience with Danny Choo" - full details at the SOAS page.

I will be talking with an audience of staff and students followed by a QA session. If you want to know about working in IT/anime/figure or publishing business then you may want to come along. During the networking session, I can also answer your questions about living in Japan / looking for a job / buying or renting properties / setting up a business and so on.
You will also get to meet other like minded folks and you may even discover some interesting opportunities - bring a name card!
Light snacks and drinks will be provided for consumption during the networking session from 20:00 - 21:00.

Time and Location

Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG, United Kingdom
020 7898 4915
Google maps.
18:00 - 21:00


Please register here if you plan to come. Entrance is free.
See you at 18:00 on the 13th in London!
Ah, I'll probably be dancing in armor around London and will give you time and locations through my Twitter or Facebook.

Edit: Found a facebook event for this so you can see some of the folks who are going
There are more registrations at this moment in time in the Google form though.


Before my trip to London, I will be visiting the offices of Parrot - the folks who make the AR Drone. We plan to have a meetup for readers on the night of the 7th which is next Wednesday. Unfortunately I don't know the location until we know how many people are coming along - need numbers to book a place.
Register here if you can make it and I'll update you through my Twitter or Facebook - will also send mail to the email address that you register.

See you on the 7th next week in Paris!

Worldwide Meetups

If you are interested in organizing a meetup in your neck of the woods, let me know and I may be able to join you on Skype.