Unity Mei

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You voted for dannychoo.com being the best figurine blog so it will continue to be my destiny to bring you even more exclusive yummy goodies direct from the makers.
It gives me great pleasure in bringing you the first detailed shots to be published of Good Smile Company's Unity Mei.

But just before I continue, I need to say "(c) 2008ユニゾンシフト /SOFTPAL Inc."^^;

Was at the Good Smile offices today going over usual business and got special permission from Unison Shift to let me take pics of Unity Mei from the eroge Unity Marriage.

This is the actual sculpt that took the sculptor about 2 months to complete.

Once sculpting is complete, the figure is sprayed with a primer. Its sanded down and then sprayed again. The primer not only helps bring up any dust or other unwanted stuff, it also helps the paint to stick.

The face is done last and is the most difficult part to paint. The face is currently the same color as the putty used for sculpting and will be primed too.

A shot of the sculptors desk.

Another reason why I got special permission to take photos is because I was actually being filmed by a TV crew - more on that later.

If you enjoyed the figures from Good Smile up until now, you are going to be in for a treat - the line of up of their figures will have you discharging all types of liquids from your body - blood from your nose, saliva from yer mouth... I think there's another type of liquid but cant remember what it could be.

Obligatory low angle shot.

Like these cute alien type things on her back.

And this is what she will look like painted. Hopefully will be painted for next weeks Wonder Festival. I don't have a release date for you yet but will let you know.

Original illustration is done by Ozawa Akifumi who does Chu Chu Idol too.

You can see more of her at the official page and download a load of banners, fliers, shop display material, wallpaper too.

She is described as a cool slender android Meganekko who likes asking ecchi things. When the need arises, she transforms from being Kazami Mei into Unity Mei.

Flier for the eroge. Hmmmm. Big eyes.
While talking to Mikatan, she said that she had the impression that gaijin-san (you guys n gals) prefer figures with big eyes. Not sure whether thats true or not so I thought I'd ask you.

The sculptor works from a few illustrations. He then has to imagine what the rest looks like for angles that don't show in the illustration.

If you want a detailed tour of the goodsmile offices, check the previous GSC Office Tour article or see my video tour below.

And just before I leave you, I need to say "(c) 2008ユニゾンシフト /SOFTPAL Inc." just one more time ^^;

I got more goodies for you - some of it is awaiting approval from the license holder but some of it is good to go - more tomorrow ^o^/~~~