Uchimizu 2013

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2013/08/27 07:53 JST in Japanese Culture
Uchimizu ] refers to the action of sprinkling water on the streets in the summer and has been a tradition in Japan for many many moons. The water keeps the dust low and cools off the immediate area.
The Uchimizukko Daishugo event makes this tradition more interesting by getting loads of maids and cosplayers to do the watering. This years Uchimizu took place recently and marks its 10th anniversary where they managed to lower the air/ground temperature from 34.4°C/38.4°C to 32.4°C/30.2°C by the end of the event.
Fliers for the Uchimizukko event were all over the gaff in Akihabara.
Akihabara station west exit.
Staff prepping the Oke bucket for the event.
Staff giving a brief explanation about the event and how this year they had younger kids joining in to see if they could create a rainbow.
Folks from the Jitaku Keibitai N.E.E.T. also gathered for the event.
I know how it must have felt in that gear as the previous time I was there in Stormtrooper armor ^^;
Organizers, maids and cosplayers introduce themselves to the folks who have gathered to watch the event.
Some of the maid cafes that made it to the event are:
秋葉原カルチャーカフェ シャッツキステ, akihabara voice cafe bar 声優のたまご, @ほぉ~むカフェ, あにぷる学園メイド学科, 居酒屋メイド倶楽部 FancyCat, Cafe Matsuri 茉莉珈琲館, JAM Akihabara, 戦国メイドカフェ&バー もののぷ, 天使と悪魔のcafe&bar pray, 和style.cafe AKIBA店 和茶屋娘, 忍者メイドカフェ&バー おんみちゅ and more.
This is Nagisa cosplaying as Yokumi Kanda - the moe-mascot character for Kanda fire station.
In Japan, fires can be put out quicker when cute mascots accompany the fire brigade.
Wani Gunsou - the leader of Jitaku Keibitai N.E.E.T.
Attack on Titan Reiner cosplay.
Zettai Ryoiki ^o^
Maids in Kimono.
Vocaloid cosplayers.
Which of these lovely ladies tickle your fancy?
After the introduction, the air and ground temperatures were measured - 34.4°C/38.4°C at this point.
Custom three dimensional maneuver gear water gun.
The little ones were given these spray bottles that produced mist.
Unfortunately no rainbow due to the cloud cover ^^
The viewers join in on the shenanigans.
After the water sprinkling, the air and ground temperature are measured again...
...and it looks like they managed to drop it down to 32.4°C/30.2°C ^o^
Group photo of the Uchimizukko staff.
You can see what the past Uchimizukko event looked like in this post with more Akihabara photos listed up below.